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Mocha Stone Point


Mocha stone is an excellent stone to work with when the need for tactfulness, understanding, and truthfulness is required in a situation. Its gentle mellow colouring reminding its user, that although strength may be required at the time. It encourages its user to speak their truth from the heart, gently, and without attachment to what others may perceive of them. Knowing that what needs to be said should be intuited and said from the other persons level of understanding so as not to alienate them and cause them to judge, but to listen and be open to what they are hearing, allowing them to move forward if it is their choice or at least for them to absorb and integrate in their own way. It also assists its user to have the strength to voice their truth which some may find not an easy thing to do. By using strength gently, its impact has a greater result, bringing information to those who may otherwise not listen or even get the opportunity to hear again. As always this is an individual choice for them to make and there should be no attachment as to the outcome.


9 X 6.5 X 5

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