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Yoga Socks


Stretching and warming up the body’s muscles is now recognised as one of the most fundamentally important aspects of training for any athlete. Regardless of the sport or activity you take part in, or whether you are professional or amateur, beginner or pro, by taking care of your muscles and joints, you are taking care of some of the most important tools that will allow you to reach peak performance.

Our Yoga Socks are great for activities such as yoga, Pilates, barre or barefoot workouts, or even if you are incorporating a trampoline into your routine. Comfortable and elastic, they fit snug around the contours of the feet for long-lasting wear. They have also been designed to be anti-slip, offering enhanced stability on a variety of surfaces.

The top opening design of these Yoga Socks offers more breathability to complement your workout experience and maintain temperature levels. They are made from 90% combed cotton, 100% silicone particles and come in one size of UK 3-9 for women (European size of 35-41). The underfoot area also features a thickened looped fabric for an additional layer of comfort.

When you about to start yoga, Pilates, barre or barefoot workouts, the last thing you need is to be distracted by ill-fitting Yoga Socks. These give you the confidence you need to relax, stretch and enjoy your exercises, without the nagging feeling of something being wrong in the back of your mind. They are an essential every woman needs for their workouts, especially at such a great price.


 UK 3-9 for women (European size of 35-41).

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