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Reiki training

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Usui Reiki training courses are held in our yoga
studio – Optimise Overflow. They are informal
courses held by Susan Newman, Reiki Master and
member of the Reiki Federation.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. It is a great and
powerful tool for so much including self-healing,
personal development, relaxation, anxiety relief, wellbeing, sleep issues and so much more.

There are 3 levels of Usui Reiki, it is entirely up to the individual how far they take their training. There is no necessity to complete all 3 levels, it is a personal preference which generally depends on how the student wishes to use Reiki. Reiki can be life transforming if you commit seriously to using what you learn. The more you connect with Reiki and the more skilled you become, the more amazed you will be at its powerful effects.


Each of the 3 courses are 1 day long with lunch provided.
They cover both the theory and practical elements of Reiki.
Classes are kept to a maximum of 6 people to ensure
everyone gets as much practical time as possible. An
attunement is performed for each student which opens
their pathways up to channel Reiki healing energy and
introduces symbols that the student can use whilst
practicing Reiki. Everyone receives a manual and a
certificate upon completion of the course. This certificate
allows the healer to gain membership to the Reiki
Federation should they choose to and also for Levels 2 and
3 to obtain insurance if they decide to use Reiki in a
professional manner. Each student will also be given a
goodie bag containing carefully selected items that can be
utilised on their Reiki journey.

Reiki Level 1

The first level of Reiki focuses on self-healing, personal development and sharing Reiki with family and friend. It is also a prerequisite for Level 2 Reiki. The course covers the history and theory of Reiki as well as the mind body connection, including how to harness and use Reiki every day for health, happiness and for deepening your relationships with others. This course lays the fundation of how Reiki works and includes practical experience in giving and receiving Reiki.

Reiki Level 2

Reiki 2 builds on the techniques learnt at Level 1, with a deeper emphasis on the sensations that healers experience and how these sensations can be interpreted along with intuition. We also consider the Chakras and the Aura and their involvement in Reiki energy and course teaches you to send distance Reiki. With a Reiki 2 qualification, you can also become a professional practitioner and so the topic of business management will also be covered.

Reiki Level 3

Inorder to teach people Reiki a Level 3 - Reiki Master/ Teacher qualification must be gained. It is recommended to have at least 9 months of experience at Level 2 prior to before progressing to Level 3. This course covers the use of crystals within your Reiki practice. It addresses psychic surgery a method of Reiki healing which aims to remove energy blockages deep within the body. You will also learn how to attune your own students and how to put together your own course manuals.

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