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Yin Yoga

£6.50 /class

About Yin Yoga

Yin can be described as relaxed and easy where as yang is dynamic and active

This is a slow class that focuses on the deeper passive stretches as opposed to the energetic poses of the more yang yoga styles. Poses are held for between 3 and 5 minutes each and there is a much stronger focus on energy via the meridians ( energy channels within the body). The lights will be dimmed during the full class to encourage a relaxed atmosphere.

There is no standing in a Yin class, we will be mostly seated or lying down with the option to use props such as bolsters, bricks and blankets to support the body in each pose, allowing the mules to relax into the position further. There is no such thing as the perfect pose in Yin Yoga, rather we allow the body to find its own unique version by listening to the body and responding accordingly.

The importance of meditation is recognised within this style as well, we will always end the class with a relaxation script.

Booking and advance payment is required as classes are small and therefore we have limited spaces.

Prior to your first class there will be a consultation form to complete and return to ensure your safety whilst participating.

Please note classes cannot be transferred or refunded with less than 24hrs notice.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a more slow and relaxed version of yoga, that focuses more on the deeper stretches.

  • Lengthens connective tissue
  •  Increases flexibility
  • Boosts your circulation

  •  Reduces stress levels

  • Yoga yin offers a slower, more meditative counterpart to those intense exercises.

    As Yin yoga is a more restorative form of exercise than other forms of exercise, this style is also appropriate for people who are suffering from injuries or chronic conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis. Anyone interested in meditation can also use Yin as a great starting point because of its internal focus.

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